4 April 2017 Comments Off on A Note on Racing

A Note on Racing

Who does not enjoy speed? Even when we were younger, we enjoy pushing our toy cars to speed them up. People have enjoyed the competition for as long as there have been vehicles to race. Long before motorized vehicles were discovered, there were already animals being used as transportation and having them race each other was already being enjoyed. Try to remember ancient history, in the Roman Empire, there were those luxurious chariots that were used by the king and the royals.

It has evolved into a lot of categories but all of which provide enough excitement. Single seater races such as Formula 1 Racing has drawn a lot of followers because of its extreme speed. This is probably the most famous motor sports where it involves a lot of specially designed high-speed cars. These are open-wheels cars where most of the cars have aerofoil wings in the front and as well as rear to have a better adhesion to the track. For all racing enthusiast in the world, this is the highest level of motor sport where all car racers want to take part of.

Another race that belongs to the one seater is Kart racing but this is much cheaper when it comes to cost while the vehicles as well as the tracks are much smaller. There are other types of races such as drag racing, off-road, hill climbing, ice-racing, touring car racing and a lot more. Each one has its own following from all over the world. Different people have their own preferences but one thing that is very evident among all these, are the level of excitement it provides that is why more people are getting pulled in. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. It has lured a lot because of the exhilarating fun.