4 April 2017 Comments Off on Racing – A Guide

Racing – A Guide

Being fast is something everyone would want to be, that is why we push ourselves to own cars. We want to be where we need to be the soonest possible. There is probably a part in each person that yearns to be fast, thus many enjoy car racing. Formula 1 Racing is one of the famous racing competition known to many from all over the wold. Joining his prestigious ace is not that easy. The Formula One circuit is made up of street car racing or the one commonly know to many as the Grand Prix.

If there is one thing that is particularly different about the Formula 1 racing circuit is that there are two championships at the end of the circuit: The first one is for the automobile constructors and the other one for the drivers. A specially built car race track is the usual venue or it can also be a roadway. The roadway races are perhaps the more popular among the two, one of which is the Monaco Grand Prix. Formula 1 racing includes vehicles that are specially modified for optimal performance. It has speed that can reach 360 mph and on corners as these are at high speeds, G-force is experienced.

The racing car teams are also the people behind the construction of the cars used in the race. There are specific rules that all of them must abide, however, they can work on the enhancements of the aerodynamics, electronics, tires, and suspension. These cars are only single seater, just enough room for the driver to be comfortable in. Most people enjoy these races because it is really intense. It has a good following from both gender. If you want intensity and speed, this can be the sport that will wake your entire system because of it excitement.